• The wonders of IBX...

    I want to tell you about the new fantastic IBX Nail System...

    It is one system, two products. 

    The first product, IBX Repair is an intense treatment which is used to improve nail plate integrity. It's also used to target natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long and strong. 

    IBX Repair acts as a fusion, it also helps repair white spots. It's applied to damaged areas to reduce splits, peeling and free edge delamination. 

    The second product used is IBX Strengthen, it is a penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate integrity. It's also used to keep your natural nails strong so that they grow long & strong. 

    IBX Strengthen completes the formation of the IPN within the nail plate and toughens it by fusing together the upper layers which provides strength and protection. 

    In a nutshell the IBX Nail System is used to repair severe nail damage to set the stage for growth, it toughens the upper layers of the nail plate allowing nail growth, with multiple treatments it fills up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail plate and the natural nail colour and appearance is improved. 
    I am offering this under a Gel Polish for £10 and as a stand alone IBX Manicure for £20. 
    I reccomend six applications bi-weekly. 
    As you can see below the results are amazing! This is after only three treatments. 

    • Make Up Erasers

      Last Christmas Tanya found these little beauties...

      Make Up Erasers, honestly girls you can't be without!

      They are 100% polyester cloths that remove all your make up. Benefit Mascara, Waterproof Make Up, Younique Foundation. You put it on and this little cloth will get it off.

      I was a little cynical to start with, I thought it would be like rubbing my face with a flannel right?! Only using water, yeah sure! I was wrong, very very wrong.

      The cloth itself is soft in texture. One side has a short nap for removing make up. The other side has a long nap for exfoliating.

      When I first used the Make Up Eraser I couldn't believe how it got all my make up off including my mascara. I always wake up looking like I've had a fight with a panda in the middle of the night! To this day I still don't know how it works, it just does.

      Check out some of the reviews...

      "I love it, it's the most useful present I've ever had, couldn't be without it now!" - Donna Breen

      "I couldn't live without mine. best thing I've ever used." - Ruth

      Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Natasha Broady and Tanya Laird for recommending and sending me a Make Up Eraser. Easily took off my make up last night, even the stick like glue mascara. This morning I've woke up and for once I don't look like I'm in a glam rock band, yippppeeeeee!! Top tip ladies thank you." - Jo Howlett

      They are available to purchase from Infinity Hair & Beauty Salon for £16.99 if you would like one please call Natasha on 07792358678.

      Follow the link to check out our video Make Up Eraser Video

    • Find a job you love and you never have to work again...

      Todays blog is a little about ourselves and how we came to be Infinity.
      Clients often ask me how long have you been hairdressing Tanya? 'Ooo, years' I say, 'That many that I don't count the years anymore' which makes me sound like I should retire! But I'm nowhere near that age yet! 
      I started working at 13 (we were allowed to then) in a little salon at the top of the road where I lived. It was run by two sisters Carole and Rita. I was their Saturday girl as we were called then, (probably some double barrelled /tripled fancy name now) and I had loads of fun there. I also worked school holidays and after school if I could, I was hooked. I remember well the smell of the setting lotion and hair sprays and the meths to clean the mirrors haha! Wouldn't be allowed now I expect! My nan would say that what's addled my brain!
      It was all shampoo and sets in those days but it was good basic training and hairstyles stayed in for weeks not days! We were always busy, the appointment column was full every day, we'd see the same faces at the same time, same day, every week like clockwork.
      Also it's where my saying 'hear all, say nothing' comes from. The ladies would sit under the dryers not realising everyone could hear all the local gossip... We knew it all!!!
      They were great to work for and maybe that's where my love of doing bridal hair and put ups come from. I wanted to be a hairdresser for as long as I can remember, I used to sit and mess with my dads hair for ages, he used to nod off in the chair, he loved it. Dad had a proper teddy boy quiff but I don't think I made it look like that. You'd think my mum would have too, but she didn't like being fussed over. I'd stand watching mum do her hair, my fingers used to itch to put her rollers in but I guess it wouldn't have looked how she wanted it.... I was 7 after all!!!
      So working at Carole's I'd be handing setting rollers and watching the back combing, pinning, curling, spraying and learning... And loving it!
      Fast forward many years, only having a few weeks break from work to have the children, opening up The Cutting Corner,  this is where Tasha's career in beauty began, although she didn't realise it at the time.
      We opened in November 1999. Sounds like a lifetime away. Natasha was 14 and it was just the two of us then strangely enough. That was by chance. Natasha came in as 'Saturday girl'.
      Well thank goodness she was there. I was unbelievably busy, she knew exactly what to do, where everything was, greeted the clients, made the tea and coffee, swept the floor, she organised everything while I just cut hair... Hmmm sounds like a pattern was set back then haha!
      Time went on and she was excellent at shampooing and would finish off with a nice massage, the clients would more than often say to me 'Your Tasha's good at shampooing, that was lovely'  so there began her massage therapy training. 
      We thought she would stay in hairdressing so went to college for a short spell but it didn't grab her, she went on to work in hospitality, gaining qualifications in bar and nightclub management working till 4-5 am on weekends but absolutely loving it. 
      I think to some, hairdressing seems like an easy job, a girlie job involving looking glam and wearing make up and nice clothes...  
      Natasha and Joel's dad said to me once,  'You don't work, it's a hobby, cutting hair and drinking coffee with friends' Yes he only said it once!!! 
      I won't dwell on that but you can imagine my reaction, but actually he's right, in a nutshell it is but you have to love doing it and Natasha's heart wasn't in it at the time.
      After Natasha came back from travelling, she ended up working in insurance. She missed the hospitality but the long hours and late shifts were getting to her, she was missing out on a lot of social things too. 
      While she was in Greece she used to see the Thai girls on the beach offering massage, all they carried was a bag with the oils in and their hands were their tools... While she was away in Egypt she had a massage and this is where the idea began. When she came home she signed up for a Swedish Massage course and this is where Infinity started!
    • So if I have to write a blog, where do I start I wondered?!

      Tasha volunteered me for this, she said 'You're good at that sort of thing Mum' Mmm am I??? I feel it's talking to yourself... Perhaps she's right. So I hope I make it an interesting read.

      The weekend that we launched the Website, thoughts were mulling around in my head of what to start with. We were both in the salon around lunchtime and had finished our clients for the day as we'd had an early start. I think 10am is early enough for anyone don't you? Joking of course... 8am... Honestly!

      Strange how things happen, I had arranged to meet a friend for a dog walk so Tasha and I were cleaning up the salon and nattering away and just as I commented that I should be gone by now we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. We looked at each other both as if to say are you expecting someone? The door gently pushed open and a head peered inside very inquisitively. I said 'Hi, come on in' and as she stepped in we both clocked each other in surprise. It was Anne Marie who I hadn't seen in probably almost 15 years!!! It was only by chance that she came in, she was looking at Over Barn for a potential wedding venue, Anne Marie had turned the corner and saw the sign on the door saying 'Come on in we're open' thank goodness we don't turn it over to closed until we actually leave!

      I used to have a salon several years ago where Anne Marie worked with me for a while offering beauty treatments, what a surprise! So here we were talking about everything but hair. Luckily for us Anne Marie had got the wrong day and was a week early! We had a coffee and caught up quickly and briefly on past events. 

      So I thought this gave an interesting beginning to my blog and how our salon isn't just about hair and beauty, it's a friendly welcoming place to come where clients become our friends.
      Hair Stylist
    • Welcome to the new Infinity website

      We're very proud to share with you our new website - and in turn our beautiful new blog. On here you will be able to learn some of our darkest trade secrets, be the first to hear about new things we've learnt and get inspired by the things that inspire us! 

      From the latest hair-dos to the latest nailcare trends - we'll share it all from the location of our (also new) salon in the heart of Gloucestershire. It's not only us that loves our rural location at Over Farm, but our clients can feel truly relaxed here. For our most recent snapshots of a customer's festive nail-choice, and a view inside our lovely new salon - head over to our facebook or Instagram page. A few sneak peeks of our most recent pics for you below...