• So if I have to write a blog, where do I start I wondered?!

    Tasha volunteered me for this, she said 'You're good at that sort of thing Mum' Mmm am I??? I feel it's talking to yourself... Perhaps she's right. So I hope I make it an interesting read.

    The weekend that we launched the Website, thoughts were mulling around in my head of what to start with. We were both in the salon around lunchtime and had finished our clients for the day as we'd had an early start. I think 10am is early enough for anyone don't you? Joking of course... 8am... Honestly!

    Strange how things happen, I had arranged to meet a friend for a dog walk so Tasha and I were cleaning up the salon and nattering away and just as I commented that I should be gone by now we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. We looked at each other both as if to say are you expecting someone? The door gently pushed open and a head peered inside very inquisitively. I said 'Hi, come on in' and as she stepped in we both clocked each other in surprise. It was Anne Marie who I hadn't seen in probably almost 15 years!!! It was only by chance that she came in, she was looking at Over Barn for a potential wedding venue, Anne Marie had turned the corner and saw the sign on the door saying 'Come on in we're open' thank goodness we don't turn it over to closed until we actually leave!

    I used to have a salon several years ago where Anne Marie worked with me for a while offering beauty treatments, what a surprise! So here we were talking about everything but hair. Luckily for us Anne Marie had got the wrong day and was a week early! We had a coffee and caught up quickly and briefly on past events. 

    So I thought this gave an interesting beginning to my blog and how our salon isn't just about hair and beauty, it's a friendly welcoming place to come where clients become our friends.
    Hair Stylist