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  • Make Up Erasers

    Last Christmas Tanya found these little beauties...

    Make Up Erasers, honestly girls you can't be without!

    They are 100% polyester cloths that remove all your make up. Benefit Mascara, Waterproof Make Up, Younique Foundation. You put it on and this little cloth will get it off.

    I was a little cynical to start with, I thought it would be like rubbing my face with a flannel right?! Only using water, yeah sure! I was wrong, very very wrong.

    The cloth itself is soft in texture. One side has a short nap for removing make up. The other side has a long nap for exfoliating.

    When I first used the Make Up Eraser I couldn't believe how it got all my make up off including my mascara. I always wake up looking like I've had a fight with a panda in the middle of the night! To this day I still don't know how it works, it just does.

    Check out some of the reviews...

    "I love it, it's the most useful present I've ever had, couldn't be without it now!" - Donna Breen

    "I couldn't live without mine. best thing I've ever used." - Ruth

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Natasha Broady and Tanya Laird for recommending and sending me a Make Up Eraser. Easily took off my make up last night, even the stick like glue mascara. This morning I've woke up and for once I don't look like I'm in a glam rock band, yippppeeeeee!! Top tip ladies thank you." - Jo Howlett

    They are available to purchase from Infinity Hair & Beauty Salon for £16.99 if you would like one please call Natasha on 07792358678.

    Follow the link to check out our video Make Up Eraser Video